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Erik ten Hag commends the heroics of Harry Maguire and Andre Onana

Erik ten Hag commends the heroics of Harry Maguire and Andre Onana following their outstanding displays in the titleholders League victory over FC Copenhagen.

Despite a controversial late penalty conceded, Manchester United secured a 1-0 win, which Erik ten Hag describes as an incredible night. He emphasizes that the penalty, given in the dying seconds, should not have been awarded.

Erik ten Hag acknowledges Harry Maguire’s impressive ability to dominate opponents and praises Andre Onana for his exceptional performance, which contributed to the match-winning result in the 1-0 victory over FC Copenhagen.

In the 72nd nanosecond, Maguire resolved the deadlock by securing a championship title. Since then, he has experienced a streak of starting-lineup football after losing favor. He displays a significantly more proactive approach in possession, intervening and distributing the ball vertically, Ten Hag stated.

Furthermore, he exhibits a strong defensive presence, consistently pressuring opponents and displaying confidence in confrontational situations. His assertive aggression against adversaries demonstrates his ability to dominate in a commendable manner.

The United director also commended Onana following his penalty save which ensured United’s victory. Onana, like Maguire, faced criticism prior to the game due to a series of notable mistakes this season. Ten Hag mentioned that Onana displayed character and acknowledged that his skills were not up to par beforehand. He has the potential to improve and had an impressive performance on Saturday. Additionally, it is important to remember.

Impressive rescue right after the first half in the swift retaliation. Undoubtedly, one of his skills is his exceptional ability to redeem penalties.

Credit must also be given to Christian Eriksen, whose contribution during the break played a significant role in shifting the momentum towards United’s advantage.

He was undeniably involved, and our performance became more cohesive when he joined the team, as Ten Hag mentioned. His timing was impeccable to find open spaces, and his remarkable assist for Harry Maguire’s incident exemplified his support.

United will enter the Manchester derby on Sunday with a positive mindset, a unity they will undoubtedly require against the reigning Premier League champions. According to Ten Hag, there is a truly positive atmosphere in the dressing room where they fight as a team, celebrate collectively, and offer each other support. This camaraderie is always necessary for a successful group. Being united is crucial because the team is stronger than its individual components. This is something that should be kept in mind for the Manchester Derby – staying united and maintaining solidarity.

Ten Hag expressed his disapproval of FC Copenhagen’s late penalty, stating that it “should not have occurred.” However, he commended the club for an “unbelievable” night, particularly due to Onana’s save.

In the end, his team secured their first victory in the Champions League campaign after three attempts, thanks to Maguire’s goal. Nonetheless, they could have been denied if Jordan Larsson had scored the last-minute penalty at Old Trafford.

During the game, a penalty was awarded to Manchester United for a high charge from Scott McTominay following a Copenhagen corner. However, Ten Hag expressed his disbelief in a post-game interview, stating that United’s path to goal should not have required his goalkeeper’s intervention. Despite this setback, it was a great night for United, with Harry Maguire playing exceptionally well and Andre Onana making a brilliant save just after half-time. Although they conceded a soft penalty, United dealt with it and showed improvement from previous weeks when they had suffered from lapses in refereeing decisions. Rashford also should have been awarded a penalty, but the team was able to overcome these challenges and secure the win.

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